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Choosing the right material for your awards might prove to be a little more challenging than you think. There are more material choices than people seem to think. Some of the big choices are wood, metal, glass, plastic, and crystal. While all of these materials are valid options, we’re going to cover why you might consider choosing crystal over its competitors.

What is Crystal?

Crystal is actually very similar to glass, and by just looking at it you often can’t tell the difference right off the bat. The biggest difference between the materials is that crystal has at least a 24 percent lead concentration, while glass doesn’t have any lead. Crystal also has a very high amount of reflection, making it easy to see various colors in it when surrounded by colorful objects. It’s also quite dense, which can make crystal awards heavy.

Crystal vs. Glass

A big argument with crystal awards is whether or not they are a better option than glass. In short, it all depends on the award itself. For starters, crystal is a lot more durable than glass due to the lead concentration, and so it is less prone to breakage. That’s the biggest reason why you might want to consider crystal over glass. It also has a higher rate of reflection, which can make crystal designs quite interesting in certain settings. Crystal’s downfall is the fact that it’s denser than glass, so it is heavier and more difficult to mount. That is why it might not be a good idea to use crystal over glass for large awards, although in that case you may not even want to use glass. Also, if you don’t like reflective designs, glass would be the better choice as well. Crystal does have a higher quality feeling to it and just seems more professional.


Using crystal awards is entirely optional, and if you aren’t happy with it you have plenty of other options. It is recommended to use crystal over glass in most cases since it’s more durable, and the whole point of an award is for it to last in the long term. Crystal works best for small awards since it is dense, and you may want to consider a different material such as wood if you plan on creating something large that will want to be mounted.