elegant plaques
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Being recognized for your hard work is important to anyone. As an organization leader, it’s your job to motivate the group and show them that their efforts matter. This can be done through awards. While there are many options to choose from, you may want to consider awarding them with a plaque. Plaques are a symbol of long term recognition and motivation for the individual, and serve a variety of benefits past the initial granting of the award. Here are some of the benefits that can help your organization when you use plaque awards to show gratitude towards your members or employees.

Personalized Engraving

The cool part about plaques is that they are typically engraved on. Unlike other forms of awards, the main component of the award is the engraving, and that’s going to be what everyone focuses on. This is your chance to write something sweet and memorable for the hard working individual. You’re also able to put their name in large letters, showing that it was personally designed for them. Most plaques will also feature an engraving of something meaningful to the company, acting as a reminder of the group as a whole.


The main reason that anyone would want to receive a plaque award is so that it can be mounted directly on a wall or door. Almost every other kind of award can’t be directly placed on the wall, and requires a shelf or some sort of assistance to be mounted. Professionally designed plaque awards have little notches in the back to make it easy to hang them up. This benefits both your organization and the individual.

If hung at home, the individual has a constant reminder that the organization appreciates their hard work. It can be displayed somewhere easily seen, so that they view it on almost a daily occurrence. The plaque award will be a daily dose of motivation and inspiration, and you’ll see a continued drive in their efforts as a result.

On the flip side, plaques can also be mounted in the work place. Some employees will choose to place them on the outside of their door if they have a personal office, but they can also be mounted on a specific recognition area. Most commonly you hear about employee of the month walls, which show the picked employee for the past few months or maybe even just show the most recent employee. This motivates workers to try and get themselves up on the wall so that they get recognition throughout the organization and from clients and customers.


Plaques are easy to personalize and can be put in plain site so that the individual and others can easily see it. Being mounted, it reminds everyone that the organization does show gratitude to it’s hard workers. An engraved plaque will promote long term commitment with the group, and show employees that they are valued. Show your workers or members that they are a valued part of the team.