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It’s a basic human need to be given appreciation when it is due. Everyone in the workplace is contributing to the group’s goals, and some of those people are putting their heart and soul into it. Those are the people that employers should pinpoint and recognize.

There are two forms of recognition. The first way to recognize an act is to notice it by identifying and realizing when an individual has gone above and beyond their job description. Without the right frame of mind, it’s easy to miss these events and that can be damaging to their motivation. The second form of recognition is a bit more important but stems off of the first form — physical gratitude. This is when you offer some way of letting the employee know that their hard work is appreciated. This is best done through employee awards and employee recognition plaques.

Benefits of Employee Recognition

Aside from making your employees happy, there are benefits to the organization by making an effort to show gratitude for their achievements. For starters, you show the employee that they have value to the company. This motivates them to continue to work hard. When ignored, employees tend to slowly tire out and will steadily decline in performance. They won’t get the basic human need of appreciation and will go where they can find it.

You also help create work relationships between leaders of the organization and employees. By offering an award, you are showing that you pay attention to their efforts. This helps form a work bond between the supervisor and staff members, which is vital to keep a smooth running organization going.

Employee recognition is also a major communication method. While you may be recognizing a certain individual or group or people within the organization, you are sending a grapevine of messages to other staff members. It shows that hard work pays off, and that acts as motivation for other members of the group as well. They want to be appreciated, and so they’re more willing to work hard to gain that appreciation.

You also create a higher amount of loyalty to the company when offering an award. It’s less likely that someone who has just achieved an award with your company is going to forget about that milestone and head off to work for one of your competitors. This creates a lower employee turnover rate, which actually saves money in the long run. Training employees over and over again isn’t cost effective as they are less efficient at first, and it costs company resources to train them. Doesn’t it make more sense to just thank the ones you have?


Go above and beyond for the people that work hard for your organization each day. Don’t just give them a “thank you,” but actually show them that they are worth your time and give them some sort of award. Plaques work best since they are easily displayed, but there are plenty of other options out there.