Professional Sports Awards

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Professional sport awards are used throughout the world in a variety of events. They’re cooler than typical awards because most have some sort of custom design that makes them different from any other. They are also particular to the sport of interest, and are a fantastic way to award players after a successful victory. Here are some of the top awards that you may have heard of.

Olympic Gold Medal

Olympic gold medals are an international symbol of achievement. Although simple, they are worth more than their real gold equivalent. Up until the 1912 Olympics they were actually made from real gold, but since then they have been downgraded a little bit to be made from 92.5 percent silver and at least six grams of gold. All Olympia medals are 3 millimeters thick and 60 millimeters in diameter.

Heisman Trophy

This is one of the most prestigious sports trophies out there. It is awarded on a yearly basis the the most outstanding college football player of the season. It is exclusive to the United States, as football is the main sport. It’s displayed as a football player running the ball while stiff arming his right side to protect it. Made of bronze, it’s an incredible honor to win.

Tour de France Jersey

The yellow jersey is a unique prize because it is the only award that is won during the actual event. The yellow jersey is given to a the leading player of a certain leg of the Tour de France, signifying their achievement at being the first one to complete that part of the race. They then get to wear it for the remainder of the competition and keep it afterwards. This started back in 1919, while the actual Tour de France event began all the way back in 1903. Although there are several wearers of the yellow jersey, only the winner of the entire Tour de France is though of as the victor of the yellow jersey.


There are many more incredible awards that are won through sports, and these just scrape the tip of the iceberg. Since most professional sports awards are typically not mass ordered since there will only be a single winner, they are always unique and magnificent. They come in different forms from something as simple as a jersey, to an amazing trophy topped off with an enormous football.

Custom Design Awards

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Custom designed awards are special because they allow you to add a unique flair to your awards, making it pertain directly with your organization. You are given full access to choose the design, shape, color scheme, engraving, materials, etc. They can come in a single unique piece, or you can order thousands of copies of the same piece with your custom design. Here are some of the general steps behind the process of creating your own custom design awards.

Step 1: Project Background

For starters, you’ll have to give the award company a little bit of background information about your project. It will give them a rough idea of what you need, how many pieces you’re going to need, your budget for the project, specific design elements that you’re going to want, and maybe even your own personal design for your award. This will fill in the design and manufacturing teams so that they can come up with a solution for your project.

Step 2: Designing

You have a couple options here. You can choose to use your own artist to design a plan for the award that you want made. This method makes it a bit easier to choose the perfect design for your award, but only if you’re artistically inclined. Many of us aren’t, which is why most award companies offer a second choice. You can usually get the award development company to come up with a design for you. In your previous step you submitted design concept ideas and information about your organization, and so the trophy development company can use this information to create a few custom award designs that you can look at.

These designs will be looked at by the engineering team of the award developer to see if mass production is possible for your chosen design. Designers won’t submit an idea unless it is possible, so this review is something you usually only have to worry about for designs your artist created themselves.

Step 3: Production

Before production even begins you should have a cost for the project, and hopefully it fits within your budget. From there, it’s only a matter of time until your awards will be ready. A professional custom award production company will usually give you a timeline for the project, which rarely exceeds two weeks. Of course, the amount of awards that needs to be produced will greatly influence the production time, as well as the complexity of the custom designed award itself.


Congratulations, award yourself for a job well done! The award development process is completed, and you now have a custom designed award that you can give to the people you deem deserve it. They will have a constant reminder of their success with your organization, and it will act as inspiration for future hard workers to follow suit. It’s always nice to be awarded for your hard work, and this will motivate other people to try their best as well.