Professional Sports Awards

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Professional sport awards are used throughout the world in a variety of events. They’re cooler than typical awards because most have some sort of custom design that makes them different from any other. They are also particular to the sport of interest, and are a fantastic way to award players after a successful victory. Here are some of the top awards that you may have heard of.

Olympic Gold Medal

Olympic gold medals are an international symbol of achievement. Although simple, they are worth more than their real gold equivalent. Up until the 1912 Olympics they were actually made from real gold, but since then they have been downgraded a little bit to be made from 92.5 percent silver and at least six grams of gold. All Olympia medals are 3 millimeters thick and 60 millimeters in diameter.

Heisman Trophy

This is one of the most prestigious sports trophies out there. It is awarded on a yearly basis the the most outstanding college football player of the season. It is exclusive to the United States, as football is the main sport. It’s displayed as a football player running the ball while stiff arming his right side to protect it. Made of bronze, it’s an incredible honor to win.

Tour de France Jersey

The yellow jersey is a unique prize because it is the only award that is won during the actual event. The yellow jersey is given to a the leading player of a certain leg of the Tour de France, signifying their achievement at being the first one to complete that part of the race. They then get to wear it for the remainder of the competition and keep it afterwards. This started back in 1919, while the actual Tour de France event began all the way back in 1903. Although there are several wearers of the yellow jersey, only the winner of the entire Tour de France is though of as the victor of the yellow jersey.


There are many more incredible awards that are won through sports, and these just scrape the tip of the iceberg. Since most professional sports awards are typically not mass ordered since there will only be a single winner, they are always unique and magnificent. They come in different forms from something as simple as a jersey, to an amazing trophy topped off with an enormous football.

What Are Challenge Coins?

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Challenge coins date back as far as the Roman Empire when they were handed out to soldiers to commemorate their achievements. More recently, they started to become popular during World War I where a popular story arose of an air pilot who was captured and stripped of everything except for his challenge coin. When attempting to return to American forces, he was captured by the French and was thought to be a German. To prove his allegiance, he showed his executioner his challenge coin and was spared. Instead of a bullet to the head, he was given a bottle of wine. From there, challenge coins have become a big part of military recognition.


One use of challenge coins is to show proof that a member belongs to an organization. When challenged, a person just needs to show their challenge coin to prove that they belong to the group. Challenges are usually loudly announced, in which case a member will be forced to show their coin publically to prove that they aren’t an infiltrator. This helps morale and makes members more trustworthy of each other, but has been known to do the exact opposite when challenges create grudges.

The military uses them as an honor system. They are awarded to soldiers that have made an achievement within the military. There are game’s that are designed around the coins, such as stealing another member’s coin which forces them to buy a drink for the thief. Sometimes, everyone will be asked to show their coin and the highest ranking coin will be bought a drink by lower ranking officials. Of course every unit has their own games with the coins, but this shows one use for them.


Challenge coins can be made from any number of materials, making them either valuable for sale or only valuable to the holder. Most coins will be made of zinc-alloy castings or die struck bronze since these are cheap materials that allows them to be mass produced. However, some can be made of anything as valuable as 24 carat gold. They will be engraved with some sort of insignia for the group, as well as words that have some sort of significant meaning.


Challenge coins are a cool way to award successful members of an organization. They have a rich history and are a bit different than standard awards. While commonly used in the military, they can be useful in any group.

Motivating your workers is important for any business, but finding the right way to do it can be difficult. It can be difficult to purchase plaques or big trophies all the time for employees that are a valuable asset to the company, but perhaps there’s an easier way. One low budget route is to make certificates, but these don’t mean much and are just a piece of paper. The best most inexpensive solution is to show employee gratitude through lapel pins.

What Are Lapel Pins?

Lapel pins are small pins that can attach to clothing items. They are commonly used in the military, as you see high ranking officials with patches and lapels all over their uniform. It’s usually a small piece of customized metal or plastic with a pin on the back so that it’s easy to attach. They work well because they are full customizable and cheap.

Benefits of Lapel Pins

For starters, we previously mentioned that they were cheap. You can buy them in mass quantities without shelling out a lot of money. This means that even low budget organizations can afford them.

They are also constantly displayed when your employees wear them. This keeps them motivated, and most of all it makes coworkers more likely to pick up their slack so that they can try to earn one as well. It will show that your company does value individuals that work hard, and the visibility will spread that message like wildfire. Not to mention that clients and customers will see the pin on their work clothes and know that they’re being handled by a competent employee.

Most importantly, they can be used as milestones. Many organizations have pins that display how long the employee has been working with the company. You can either have them as a yearly rewards, or maybe certain milestones such as a year, three years, five years, and ten years.


If you want to go with something simple yet appreciative for your employees, then choose lapel pins. They mean a lot more than a little piece of paper and will last as long term motivators. They stay attached to clothing so they’re hard to lose and are quite durable. They survive washers and dryers when purchased from a quality vendor.

It’s a basic human need to be given appreciation when it is due. Everyone in the workplace is contributing to the group’s goals, and some of those people are putting their heart and soul into it. Those are the people that employers should pinpoint and recognize.

There are two forms of recognition. The first way to recognize an act is to notice it by identifying and realizing when an individual has gone above and beyond their job description. Without the right frame of mind, it’s easy to miss these events and that can be damaging to their motivation. The second form of recognition is a bit more important but stems off of the first form — physical gratitude. This is when you offer some way of letting the employee know that their hard work is appreciated. This is best done through employee awards and employee recognition plaques.

Benefits of Employee Recognition

Aside from making your employees happy, there are benefits to the organization by making an effort to show gratitude for their achievements. For starters, you show the employee that they have value to the company. This motivates them to continue to work hard. When ignored, employees tend to slowly tire out and will steadily decline in performance. They won’t get the basic human need of appreciation and will go where they can find it.

You also help create work relationships between leaders of the organization and employees. By offering an award, you are showing that you pay attention to their efforts. This helps form a work bond between the supervisor and staff members, which is vital to keep a smooth running organization going.

Employee recognition is also a major communication method. While you may be recognizing a certain individual or group or people within the organization, you are sending a grapevine of messages to other staff members. It shows that hard work pays off, and that acts as motivation for other members of the group as well. They want to be appreciated, and so they’re more willing to work hard to gain that appreciation.

You also create a higher amount of loyalty to the company when offering an award. It’s less likely that someone who has just achieved an award with your company is going to forget about that milestone and head off to work for one of your competitors. This creates a lower employee turnover rate, which actually saves money in the long run. Training employees over and over again isn’t cost effective as they are less efficient at first, and it costs company resources to train them. Doesn’t it make more sense to just thank the ones you have?


Go above and beyond for the people that work hard for your organization each day. Don’t just give them a “thank you,” but actually show them that they are worth your time and give them some sort of award. Plaques work best since they are easily displayed, but there are plenty of other options out there.

elegant plaques

Being recognized for your hard work is important to anyone. As an organization leader, it’s your job to motivate the group and show them that their efforts matter. This can be done through awards. While there are many options to choose from, you may want to consider awarding them with a plaque. Plaques are a symbol of long term recognition and motivation for the individual, and serve a variety of benefits past the initial granting of the award. Here are some of the benefits that can help your organization when you use plaque awards to show gratitude towards your members or employees.

Personalized Engraving

The cool part about plaques is that they are typically engraved on. Unlike other forms of awards, the main component of the award is the engraving, and that’s going to be what everyone focuses on. This is your chance to write something sweet and memorable for the hard working individual. You’re also able to put their name in large letters, showing that it was personally designed for them. Most plaques will also feature an engraving of something meaningful to the company, acting as a reminder of the group as a whole.


The main reason that anyone would want to receive a plaque award is so that it can be mounted directly on a wall or door. Almost every other kind of award can’t be directly placed on the wall, and requires a shelf or some sort of assistance to be mounted. Professionally designed plaque awards have little notches in the back to make it easy to hang them up. This benefits both your organization and the individual.

If hung at home, the individual has a constant reminder that the organization appreciates their hard work. It can be displayed somewhere easily seen, so that they view it on almost a daily occurrence. The plaque award will be a daily dose of motivation and inspiration, and you’ll see a continued drive in their efforts as a result.

On the flip side, plaques can also be mounted in the work place. Some employees will choose to place them on the outside of their door if they have a personal office, but they can also be mounted on a specific recognition area. Most commonly you hear about employee of the month walls, which show the picked employee for the past few months or maybe even just show the most recent employee. This motivates workers to try and get themselves up on the wall so that they get recognition throughout the organization and from clients and customers.


Plaques are easy to personalize and can be put in plain site so that the individual and others can easily see it. Being mounted, it reminds everyone that the organization does show gratitude to it’s hard workers. An engraved plaque will promote long term commitment with the group, and show employees that they are valued. Show your workers or members that they are a valued part of the team.

Elegant trophy ball

Recognition is one of the driving forces behind motivation. Being recognized for a job well done is enough to keep you going, and motivates you to work hard at what you do. A lack of recognition does the exact opposite, making you feel unappreciated and demotivated to work as hard as you do. One way to reward those in your organization who deserve recognition is to offer them either a trophy or statue award, showing that you appreciate their drive and energy and congratulate them on their successes for the group.

Why Pick Trophies or Statues?

The simplest way to thank someone is with a certificate, which is basically a piece of paper that is going to get ruined or stored away never to be seen again. Trophies and statues are useful as decorations of a person’s success. They can be displayed on a shelf and used in different areas of the home. Some people even keep a personal shelf dedicated to their trophies. Recognizing someone with a trophy or statue gives them more of a memory than something as simple as a certificate because it’s something that they can reflect on from time to time instead of storing and forgetting.

Shows More Gratitude

Trophies and statue awards show true gratitude. They are harder to obtain than a certificate, and cost a bit of money and effort to produce. If you were in the receiver’s shoes, would you appreciate receiving a trophy instead of a certificate? It’s really that simple. Trophies can also be engraved. This symbolizes a long term appreciation for the group member’s efforts.


If you want group members to stay with your organization for the long term and to continue to work hard, then you need to recognize them and award them when it’s due. A trophy or statue is a good way to do just that. It will act as a reminder every day when they wake up in their home and see that trophy sitting on the shelf. Having that memory could be exactly what they need to motivate themselves. A certificate or card won’t last long and will be stored away or forgotten. Not to mention the fact that trophies and statues are more customizable and you can come up with a more personal design for the person receiving the award.

Choosing the right material for your awards might prove to be a little more challenging than you think. There are more material choices than people seem to think. Some of the big choices are wood, metal, glass, plastic, and crystal. While all of these materials are valid options, we’re going to cover why you might consider choosing crystal over its competitors.

What is Crystal?

Crystal is actually very similar to glass, and by just looking at it you often can’t tell the difference right off the bat. The biggest difference between the materials is that crystal has at least a 24 percent lead concentration, while glass doesn’t have any lead. Crystal also has a very high amount of reflection, making it easy to see various colors in it when surrounded by colorful objects. It’s also quite dense, which can make crystal awards heavy.

Crystal vs. Glass

A big argument with crystal awards is whether or not they are a better option than glass. In short, it all depends on the award itself. For starters, crystal is a lot more durable than glass due to the lead concentration, and so it is less prone to breakage. That’s the biggest reason why you might want to consider crystal over glass. It also has a higher rate of reflection, which can make crystal designs quite interesting in certain settings. Crystal’s downfall is the fact that it’s denser than glass, so it is heavier and more difficult to mount. That is why it might not be a good idea to use crystal over glass for large awards, although in that case you may not even want to use glass. Also, if you don’t like reflective designs, glass would be the better choice as well. Crystal does have a higher quality feeling to it and just seems more professional.


Using crystal awards is entirely optional, and if you aren’t happy with it you have plenty of other options. It is recommended to use crystal over glass in most cases since it’s more durable, and the whole point of an award is for it to last in the long term. Crystal works best for small awards since it is dense, and you may want to consider a different material such as wood if you plan on creating something large that will want to be mounted.

The best way to motivate workers is to award them for their hard work, often in the form of an actual award such as a trophy, plaque, or certificate. It’s most effective to offer awards for those employees that show outstanding leadership skills. Leadership awards can prove to be very effective in a business setting. Leaders drive your team, work hard, and show commitment to the organization’s long term goals. These are the individuals that you want to honor and point out to keep them motivated, and maybe even inspire other workers to be like them.


The biggest benefit to awarding any employee, being a leader or just a hard worker, is to motivate them to keep up the good work. People become uninspired when they work hard over a long period of time and don’t get any recognition for it. Your leaders are the last people you want to become demotivated, as that has a chain effect throughout your organization. When the person everyone is looking up to isn’t confident in the organization, nobody will be. Offering a leadership award will motivate them to keep working hard and show that you recognize the effort they are putting into the group’s goals.


Leadership awards show more than just gratitude to the leader of your group. It shows that the head of your organization is paying attention, and is looking to point out the people that are really making a difference within the group. This gets people inspired, as people are often motivated to work harder if there is some sort of reward for their efforts. Nobody wants to put their heart and soul into something if there’s no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Handing out a leadership award will inspire others to take on leadership roles, which greatly benefits your organization.


You don’t want to lose the strong members of your group. Losing leaders will often mean that you’ll lose other members of the group as well. Instead, you can give out leadership awards, making leaders less inclined to leave the group because they now have a sort of commitment to continue working hard towards the organization’s goals. A happy employee is someone that is not only going to put a lot of effort into their work, but is an employee that is more likely to stay for the long term.

If you want to recognize an employee, athlete, or outstanding individual, the best way to do it is by offering up an award. They are inexpensive and show recognition to those that have worked hard either for you, or to accomplish a certain goal. One common material used in designing awards is glass. They have a nice look to them and are easy to engrave, but like any other material they aren’t perfect. Here are the benefits and disadvantages to using glass awards.


The first benefit is that they are cost effective. Glass is relatively cheap, and so mass producing awards out of glass is a good way to save some money. If you’re on a budget, they can be a good alternative to crystal or metal awards without having to go to something as fake feeling as plastic.

Another advantage is the fact that they feel really professional. Plastic awards just feel dull and fake, which may make a person think that you don’t respect their achievements as much and the award is meaningless. Glass on the other hand shows that the award is professionally made and means something.

Glass awards also look really nice. There’s a reason that they are produced so often. As stated previously, they look professional. It’s also possible to engrave directly in the glass, allowing you to put in a logo, quote, or even some personal sentiment about the individual receiving the award.


The biggest fault with glass awards is that they are often fragile. Awards are meant to last a long time, and picking out a material that breaks easily does not ensure that the award will be around for years to come. However, when precaution is taken and human error doesn’t cause them to break, they do outlast other materials and won’t look worn down in a couple years. As a little tip, use a heavy base with glass awards to keep them balanced so that they don’t tip over easily.

Glass awards can also be pretty hefty, especially if you’re offering up a large trophy. This isn’t a big downfall, but it makes mounting them a little more difficult than awards made of cheaper materials. If you’re going with a slim design, then the weight won’t be a big factor, but you do raise the risk of breakage since slimmer designs are less durable.

Custom Design Awards

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Custom designed awards are special because they allow you to add a unique flair to your awards, making it pertain directly with your organization. You are given full access to choose the design, shape, color scheme, engraving, materials, etc. They can come in a single unique piece, or you can order thousands of copies of the same piece with your custom design. Here are some of the general steps behind the process of creating your own custom design awards.

Step 1: Project Background

For starters, you’ll have to give the award company a little bit of background information about your project. It will give them a rough idea of what you need, how many pieces you’re going to need, your budget for the project, specific design elements that you’re going to want, and maybe even your own personal design for your award. This will fill in the design and manufacturing teams so that they can come up with a solution for your project.

Step 2: Designing

You have a couple options here. You can choose to use your own artist to design a plan for the award that you want made. This method makes it a bit easier to choose the perfect design for your award, but only if you’re artistically inclined. Many of us aren’t, which is why most award companies offer a second choice. You can usually get the award development company to come up with a design for you. In your previous step you submitted design concept ideas and information about your organization, and so the trophy development company can use this information to create a few custom award designs that you can look at.

These designs will be looked at by the engineering team of the award developer to see if mass production is possible for your chosen design. Designers won’t submit an idea unless it is possible, so this review is something you usually only have to worry about for designs your artist created themselves.

Step 3: Production

Before production even begins you should have a cost for the project, and hopefully it fits within your budget. From there, it’s only a matter of time until your awards will be ready. A professional custom award production company will usually give you a timeline for the project, which rarely exceeds two weeks. Of course, the amount of awards that needs to be produced will greatly influence the production time, as well as the complexity of the custom designed award itself.


Congratulations, award yourself for a job well done! The award development process is completed, and you now have a custom designed award that you can give to the people you deem deserve it. They will have a constant reminder of their success with your organization, and it will act as inspiration for future hard workers to follow suit. It’s always nice to be awarded for your hard work, and this will motivate other people to try their best as well.