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Posted by E-AwardsMaster | Motivation, Why Awards?

Recognition is one of the driving forces behind motivation. Being recognized for a job well done is enough to keep you going, and motivates you to work hard at what you do. A lack of recognition does the exact opposite, making you feel unappreciated and demotivated to work as hard as you do. One way to reward those in your organization who deserve recognition is to offer them either a trophy or statue award, showing that you appreciate their drive and energy and congratulate them on their successes for the group.

Why Pick Trophies or Statues?

The simplest way to thank someone is with a certificate, which is basically a piece of paper that is going to get ruined or stored away never to be seen again. Trophies and statues are useful as decorations of a person’s success. They can be displayed on a shelf and used in different areas of the home. Some people even keep a personal shelf dedicated to their trophies. Recognizing someone with a trophy or statue gives them more of a memory than something as simple as a certificate because it’s something that they can reflect on from time to time instead of storing and forgetting.

Shows More Gratitude

Trophies and statue awards show true gratitude. They are harder to obtain than a certificate, and cost a bit of money and effort to produce. If you were in the receiver’s shoes, would you appreciate receiving a trophy instead of a certificate? It’s really that simple. Trophies can also be engraved. This symbolizes a long term appreciation for the group member’s efforts.


If you want group members to stay with your organization for the long term and to continue to work hard, then you need to recognize them and award them when it’s due. A trophy or statue is a good way to do just that. It will act as a reminder every day when they wake up in their home and see that trophy sitting on the shelf. Having that memory could be exactly what they need to motivate themselves. A certificate or card won’t last long and will be stored away or forgotten. Not to mention the fact that trophies and statues are more customizable and you can come up with a more personal design for the person receiving the award.